Before proceeding with your DP application, please read the instructions below carefully.

The application replicates all entries from your DP logbook. If you have more than one logbook, you are required to enter all the information logged in all of the logbooks in order to have your documents verified by the system.

A normal application may take around 60 minutes on average to be completed, depending on the number of logbooks you have and the number of entries within the logbook/s. If you need more time to complete it, you can log off and return later, but you are required to use the same account details to continue. Please do not create a new account as the system tracks information from exams undertaken and previous entries in your logbook which you have entered to validate them.

If you do not remember your password, please use the ‘forget password’ tool and the system will automatically send a temporary password to the email address registered to your account. You will then be required to update this password within 24 hours.

In order to complete the DP application you will be required to upload the following documents:

  • 1. Scan copy of ALL pages of your DP logbook.
  • 2. Scan copy of ALL pages of your IMCA logbook (if applicable).
  • 3. Scan copies of ALL confirmation letters that are validating your DP sea time and offshore loading operations (if Shuttle Tanker application).
  • 4. Scan copy of your CoC (personal details and limitation pages).
  • 5. Scan copy of passport personal details page.
  • 6. Scan copies of all additional documents.
  • 7. A recent photo 3x 4 or passport size and style. This will be printed on your DP certificate.

Please note that the upload of these documents are mandatory and you will not be able to complete your application without them.

Payment is required at the end of the application, which can be completed by using a credit card, debit card or PayPal. American Express is accepted on the Barclaycard platform only.

  • Certification: £155.00 (+ VAT where applicable)

  • Revalidation: £140.00 (+ VAT where applicable)

The fee includes the verification of DP logbook and courier services to return documents to the applicant. Fees are non-refundable.

Once you have completed the online application, you are required to send all of your original documents to The Nautical Institute (NI) for verification and validation of your training. Once the NI receives them, the system will generate an automatic message to be sent to the registered email on your account to confirm receipt of the documents. Please note that all original documents are required except for the CoC and passport personal page which can be copies.

You will be able to track the status of your application by logging into your account and/or via communications sent automatically to your account by our team.

To avoid queries with your application, please make sure that you read the verification documents and use the help buttons on each page of the application. Applications incomplete, incorrect or with documents missing will be returned to the applicant without processing.

Disclaimer and terms of services for Dynamic Positioning Applications

These terms and conditions are applicable to all Dynamic Positioning applications. Please read carefully.

1. Service provider
The Nautical Institute (NI) is a registered charity on number 1002462 and Company Limited by Guarantee number 2570030, based 202 Lambeth Road, London, SE1 7LQ United Kingdom. The NI provides services to assess and verify the accuracy of the candidate’s Dynamic Positioning Operator training as per DPO training standard in order to issue a DPO certificate at the end of the process, if applicable.

2. Application of these terms
These terms and conditions govern your use of the services of the NI, all applications you make, and all enquiries you make for advice or information concerning training and issuing of DP certificates. Each applicant hereby accepts and confirms that, prior to submitting the application and documents; they have read, understood and agreed to be bound by, without limitation or qualification, all of these terms and conditions. No employee of the NI has any authority whatsoever to change, amend, amplify or withdraw any or all of these terms and the conditions without prior written approval from the NI.

3. The application service

3.1 Acceptance and rejection of applications
You, the applicant, are responsible for the accuracy of your application as per the training and accreditation standard, and for checking your application form before applying to the NI. By receiving your application, the NI does not guarantee that a DP certificate will be issued. The assessment of a DP application is carried out by the NI, and the grant or refusal to issue a DP certificate is at our sole discretion. The NI only verifies applications that are complete and clear, and has the right to refuse incomplete or unclear applications. The NI reserves the right to ask for further documentation and information from the applicant, and/or to refuse any incomplete applications. Applicant and application information may be shared with third parties in order to confirm information and verify the claims of training and experience for the award of the qualification applied for.

3.2 Applicant’s Responsibility
It is the responsibility of all applicants to complete all application forms truthfully, to provide correct and accurate information and documentation, to ensure that they have completed the DP training and logged their training data as required by the training scheme and NI guidelines. It is the responsibility of the applicant to check all entries, signatures and stamps are completed as required by the DP training scheme. Applicants are required to submit/send original documents unless photocopies or certified copies of the supporting documents are requested/permitted.

3.3. No liability for incorrect information
The NI shall have no liability for loss, delays or non-issuance of any application arising from or in connection with (to include but not restricted to) incomplete application forms and logbooks, incorrectly or falsely completed application forms and logbooks, and inaccurate or incomplete supporting documentation. The NI provides guidelines and information on how to complete the training and the logbook on its website ( This information is public and should be read by the candidate before supplying his documents to the NI to ensure he/she has all the requirements in place.

3.4 Processing times
The processing of your application is subject to the procedures and timescales of the NI. The NI will only consider starting the processing of your application once all phases of the training scheme are completed in accordance with the requirements and all correct documents are sent together with your application. The NI reserves the right to start counting the time for the return of your application only when all the criteria are met.

4. Fees
The fees payable by you comprise of the service fee and the return of your documents by a trackable courier. Fees stated are valid each time the application is sent to the NI. If you have to re-apply at a later date, the fees will be chargeable again. The fees are those in force at the date of the application and may change. The service fees are subject to VAT in the UK and Europe. All fees must be received in full under the available payment options as cleared funds for the application to be processed. All fees are non-refundable, and all fees are payable and retained by us on payment by you, even if you do not make or proceed with a DP application, and whether or not a DP certificate is ultimately granted.

5. General obligation
The NI will process all applications with reasonable care and skill and in accordance with all procedures prescribed by the DP training scheme. However, whilst we use reasonable care to check your application form and documents for obvious errors, we do not guarantee to detect errors in your form, and we do not undertake to verify any information you provide, which you are responsible for ensuring is accurate.

6. Loss or damage to passports and other travel documents
The NI does not take responsibility for documents lost or damaged while in transit or for damages done by third parties involved in the application process.

7. Disclaimer - Please read carefully
The NI excludes its liability in connection with any application, including liability in or under contract, negligence, tort, statute or otherwise howsoever, and including liability for any delay or failure of the NI in handling or processing the DP applications, and rejections of applications for any reason.

8. No liability for events not under our control
The NI shall not be considered to be in breach of contract or negligent or otherwise liable in any way for any delay or failure of any application or loss, damage or delay to verify or issue a DP certificate or other documents due to accident, theft, natural calamities (force majeure) or any other reason outside the control of, and not arising out of a wilful default of, the NI, or for the loss or damage to any document after it has been handed over to the applicant.

9. No liability for postal and courier service
The NI shall have no liability for any delays, or for loss of or damage to any application, logbook or other documents, caused by, or occurring whilst any application or document is in the possession of any third party postal or courier service, including transportation of applications, logbooks or other documents between the NI and the applicant and when being returned by the NI to the applicant.

10. No liability for wasted costs and expenses
The NI shall have no liability to any applicant, or any other person relying on or benefiting from any DP application, for any commitment, cost or expenditure incurred in reliance on or anticipation of receiving a DP certificate, whether within a particular timescale or at all, including but not limited to air travel, hotel, and other travel and accommodation arrangements, and any other arrangements made.

11. General

11.1 Third party rights
Nothing in this agreement confers or is intended to confer any rights on any third party pursuant to The Contracts (Right of Third Party) Act 1999

11.2 Changes to these terms
The NI in its sole discretion may change, amend, cancel or withdraw any or all of these terms and conditions at any time without any prior notice.

11.3 Applicable law
These terms and conditions and any applications shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales. Any claims or disputes arising in relation to the services provided by the NI to the applicant shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in England and Wales.

The Nautical Institute is subject to the provisions of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The personal data you provide to us will be processed on a ‘legitimate interests’ basis under Article 6 (1) of the GDPR. This will enable the Institute to provide you with the information and services required to maintain your certificate. You will receive communications from the Institute to let you know about relevant activities, products and services and also the status of your certificate.

Please see our privacy policy

Please note that the online application does not operate or accept Macintosh products (Mac); the NI online application system is a Windows base product.